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Angel Marquez
2020-12-22 14:06:38

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Find out how to find and destroy nutcracker statues to advance in Fortnite.

What to know about Fortnite?

The content that we have found in this game has kept us in constant adventures, having a series of crosses, video game icons and the recruitment options have been growing, now we find the annual Winterfest event that is related to Christmas, what that brings us a series of new cosmetics as rewards, through the Battle Royale mode some festive features have been added when said event is activated, managing to enter some challenges that help us get the necessary XP, which leads us to look for details As for How to find and destroy nutcracker statues, so we have to rely on the explanation of this guide and that details the following.

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How to find and destroy nutcracker statues in Fortnite?

 We will find 3 nutcrackers in the following locations:


  •  In Catty Corner: we have that to the southeast of here is an outpost on the mountain that is covered in snow, having 2 of these on the walkway that is located outside the building, while the third is on the first floor From this point, the use of airplanes will put us in a better position to search in Fortnite.
  • In Lazy Lake: Around this area there are a few statues of nutcrackers, in front of the main house they include 2.
  • In Retail Row: here we find a store that has 3 nutcracker statues, one in the window and the others hidden in the walls behind the store.


 We can also add in how to find and destroy nutcracker statues other locations such as Salty Towers and Pleasant Park, it can even be so popular to find them in Holly Hedges, certainly this search does not represent a complicated challenge, but as a reward we can obtain the Jewel of the Snowman among the cosmetics, which allows us to carry on our back a character with snow tied in our scarf a small doll, the rest to highlight is a pair of skins, themes, weapon wraps, dew points , spike sliders and much more, all with the purpose of being able to increase our level in the battle step.

 Now that you know how to find and destroy nutcracker statues just do it and keep progressing in Fortnite.

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