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Pay attention if you want to know how to complete Keinemusik missions in GTA Online because this article has you covered.

What are Keinemusik missions in GTA Online?

Before telling, you how to complete the Keinemusik missions, you have to know that this is a set of new missions added to the game as part of the content of the Cayo Perico update in the game and which when completed will allow you to obtain the BF Weevil car by GTA Online. That is why we will tell you how to complete the Keinemusik missions.
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    How to complete Keinemusik missions in GTA Online?

    On how to complete the Keinemusik missions in GTA Online, the first thing you have to do to access these missions is to access the newly added DJ missions and which has a total of four missions.

    To access the missions you will have to wait for English Dave to call you during free mode as long as you have already registered as CEO / VIP in free mode and have completed the Cayo Perico heist.

    Upon receiving Dave's call, he accepts the offer and begins completing the four Keinemusik missions.

    You must bear in mind that there is a cooldown of 8 hours between each mission, so you will not be able to do all this in a single session.

    Skateboard merchandise.

    In the first mission you will have to steal a complete skate merchandise truck and bring it back to Cayo Perico. Said truck is parked in downtown Los Santos.

    Keep in mind that in the area there are several enemies that will protect the truck, so you will have to get rid of all of them and steal it> get rid of the police using the nearby alley and advance until you reach the marked place.

    Leave the truck and return to Los Santos to access the next mission.

    Pick up the pizza.

    In the second mission you will have to "Collect the pizza". Something simple that consists of kidnapping a delivery driver who takes care of his day delivering pizza and then take the scooter to LSIA and deliver it on pizza to Cayo Perico.

    Collect chakra stones.

    For the last mission you will have to go to the good country to find enemies in the marked location in the desert, your enemies will drop the 5 chakra stones you need. You will have to take the stones to LSIA to the marker and evade the police

    Remember that by completing all the missions you will receive the BF Weevil car as a reward and that you can use after completing the missions.

     That's all you have to know about how to complete the Keinemusik missions in GTA Online, we hope that it has been of the greatest possible use to you and that you have managed to complete each of the missions to obtain the car valued at $850,000 if you buy it normally in GTA Online.

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