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2022-03-24 21:35:07

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This time we return with a Ghostwire Tokyo guide with the aim of explaining where to find all the barriers in blindness.

What to know about the blindness barriers in Ghostwire Tokyo?

When we find many missions to fight enemies or search for a specific area with the purpose of finding an object, we have that not all of them are simple tasks, because in some cases timed missions can be seen, being very complex and in this case It is ideal to know how to find the barriers in blindness and for this, let's follow the following content very closely.

Where to find all the barriers in blindness in Ghostwire Tokyo?

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At the moment of the appearance of these we must go in front of us, it is not possible that we let it pass because they will be highlighted in yellow when using the spectral vision, we will go through the stairs going up the alley that is on the left, after to our left we have another barrier floating in an air conditioner, in front of a building with fire escapes, the next thing we are going to do is turn to the right to see it floating near the part of the right edge of said barrier in the blindness, with the bow we can destroy it so that it is not required to approach, for the last one we have to go behind the place where it spawned near the Torii gate to the right of the ladder that is floating in the air.

This is all there is to know where to find all the barriers in blindness, leaving only to apply what you have learned to continue our progress in Ghostwire Tokyo.

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