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2022-03-25 08:34:28

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Ghostwire Tokyo offers us more activities and for this reason we will explain how to change difficulty setting.

What is the point of changing difficulty setting in Ghostwire Tokyo?

  Simply, having the ability to place a difficulty that we can handle without problems as we play, the idea is to be able to have fun playing and although this game has some spaces where it is usually a challenge, we must focus on having a difficulty that allows us to handle it.

How to change difficulty settings in Ghostwire Tokyo?

This is a task that involves:

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  • Press the Options button in order to open the pause menu and proceed to select Options.
  • Then, we select the Difficulty option of the game.
  • Next, we use the left and right of the analog stick or the D-pad in order to select between Easy, Normal, Hard.
  • Next, we press Triangle in order to save the changes and we will exit the pause menu.


  Some people consider that this change in difficulty brings with it a trophy, in the case of this game it is not like that, it is possible to set the difficulty to Easy to polish some trophies, in particular that we probably have not achieved, but that's it.

  We conclude this guide on How to change difficulty settings, so it is only necessary to place the difficulty that we consider most favorable in Ghostwire Tokyo.

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