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If you want to know how to get to the hydrohypostasis in Genshin Impact read carefully, because here we will take you to this area.

What is hydrohypostasis in Genshin Impact?

This is an area of ​​the map where you can find the hypostases. Let's remember that there is now a hypostasis for each element, but not all of them can be defeated in exactly the same way. Luckily here we will tell you how to get to the hydrohypostasis so that you can defeat them.

How to reach the hydrohypostasis in Genshin Impact?

The first thing you need to know about how to get to the hydrohypostasis in Genshin Impact, is that this enemy is apparently floating in the ocean, in an underground / underwater cavern in the Suigetsu pool area of ​​Watatsumi Island. Pay attention to the waterfall that is located near the shore, specifically the one that goes below the ground, it is hidden by a cliff and several plants.

How to reach the hydrohypostasis in Genshin Impact? - Attacks

This enemy is capable of fighting other enemies, uses AOE attacks, and can also heal himself. And as obvious as it may seem, we remind you to refrain from using Hydro for DPS.

It will attack especially with splashes, you will have to be attentive when it transforms into dolphins, since a splash will be close. These dolphins will jump at you and block your vision, to deal with this you have to flee and avoid them, so they don't reach you.

At one point in the encounter it will split into two separate slime-like water droplets: a darker one that moves towards you to explode, and a lighter one that sends healing orbs to the main body. The key to dealing with this is elemental attacks, as they will help you take down the darkest one before it explodes to expose the core of Hypostasis. You can intercept the healing orbs to use them or destroy the light drop in the same way as the dark one.

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Hydro Hypostasis can also cause harmful rain to randomly fall on the platform, transform into a vortex like Pyro Hypostasis and generate waves that go from the perimeter to the platform.

At one point in the battle, the boss core will come into view, and you can deal elemental damage through reactions.

When the Hypostasis healing minigame starts, three drops of water will move to the boss to heal him, and you will have to finish all three with Electro, Pyro, Cryo, Anemo or Geo attacks to finish the fight.

How to reach the hydrohypostasis in Genshin Impact? - DPS options

Your best bet is Pyro, Cryo, or Electro, as these will quickly crush Hydro shields. The key is to unleash elemental reactions of vaporization, freezing, or electro-charging.

Among the best DPS options to take advantage of reactions are:

  • Razor
  • Yanfei
  • Ganyu
  • Dilute
  • Ayaka
  • Hu tao
  • Keqing
  • Yoimiya

Other characters can also create shields and heal, while generating reactions:

  • Xinyan
  • Qiqi
  • Diona
  • Bennett

Barbara and Kokomi are great options for healing.

 Now that you know how to get to the hydrohypostasis in Genshin Impact we hope you are ready to quickly take down this enemy now that you know where to find him.

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