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Today we bring you a Genshin Impact guide telling you where to find Share Not Your Treasure

What is the Share Not Your Treasure in Genshin Impact?

  This is simply a necessary quest and it turns out to be necessary enough to get some rewards, since this is actually a mission that can get somewhat confusing in a way and this is because there is nothing on the map that indicates us towards where it will be necessary to go.
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    Where to find Share Not Your Treasure in Genshin Impact?

     Our work begins in the Plains of Guili in Liyue, which allows us to move a little towards the south where the ruins are and from this place start our search, only that this task will not be easy, since just to get to This place offers us the first fight, and it is necessary to defeat the guard so that this allows us to have the possibility of being able to read the Worn Letter in Genshin Impact which officially embarks us on this adventure about where to find Share Not Your Treasure

     When we have the letter in our hands, we are offered the possibility of mobilizing through Luhua Pool, a place where we will be ambushed by some Treasure Hoarders that are very easy to dominate, which on the one hand are attracted due to the bonfire that we have achieved Turn on with Diluc or Xiangling, on the other hand, before leaving it is vital to make sure to review the bodies since they usually contain interesting objects such as Notes that allow us to go to our next objective, which represents progress but also more tasks. complex that leads us to go to the highest point to get the Cuijue clue, which could be useful in our task about where to find Share Not Your Treasure, only that it does not contain a specific place, which embarks us on a task to climb As high as we can, however, here on the one hand there are a lot of mountains and on the other hand things really get tough at Genshin Impact.

     Finding the Cuijue mountain is only a necessary task where we get a Geoculus located in the right crown of the tree, in addition to being able to observe a shovel on these sides necessary to choose to mark the place, it is also vital to collect the Geoculus once we are up to Not having to work double, especially because knowing Where to find Share Not Your Treasure is simply a mission that makes us mobilize for some amount of slopes, in such a way that at this point having a good resistance is undoubtedly necessary since we must get to climb the mountain that is in the middle of the way between the Balneario and the Luhua pool.

     Definitely, knowing where to find Share Not Your Treasure is a very complex but necessary task since it is part of the missions necessary to carry out in Genshin Impact, give it a try.

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