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2020-12-28 07:27:04

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The search in Genshin Impact does not stop and therefore it is necessary to tell you where to find the Northlander catalyst prototype

What is the Northlander Catalyst Prototype in Genshin Impact?

This is simply a necessary element of the new weapons with which we get in this game, specifically in version 1.2 for this it is necessary to get some materials that allow us to forge weapons, some have particular characteristics, in addition to going in search of them. Allows us to embark on finding characters, missions and events in the Dragon's Thorn region.
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Where to find Northlander Catalyst Prototype in Genshin Impact?

There are two particular places where it is possible to get the Northlander catalyst prototype, for this it is necessary to cultivate the bosses, it is also important to consider a prototype for each of the five weapons available in this game, and they are:


  •  Buying it at Liyue's souvenir shop.
  • As a type of prize In chapter 4 of the adventurer's manual.


 To know where to find the Northlander catalyst prototype it is worth considering that there is only the possibility of earning extra copies of weekly bosses, so we are allowed to choose to claim the rewards of these bosses once a week, each one counts with a quantity of 5 prototype weapons, but they do not necessarily have the possibility of receiving only one.

The weekly bosses now available are:

  •  Dvalin.
  • Andrius.
  • Tartaglia.


 For some prototypes it is possible to get stellar silver that can be found with some regularity throughout the region, and in a way it is vital both for the Frostbearer and for the Mappa Mare and the Prototype Amber, not forgetting that it is possible to count on the option to sacrifice a weapon for a greater good, because at the end of it all, it is necessary to choose the best weapons to progress in this new region.

 Now that you know where to find the Northlander catalyst prototype, it is time to start the search work in Genshin Impact and thus get to work with more equipment because the adventure continues.

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