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We follow the searches in Genshin Impact and this allows us to tell you about How to get crimson agate 9374

What is crimson agate 9374 in Genshin Impact?

There are some interesting minerals with which it is necessary to cross, specifically the case of crimson agates that are vital to reach leveling the Ice Tree, it has a total of 12 levels, which makes it necessary to take care of getting crimson agates, only this gives us the possibility of exploring some places in the Dragon's Thorn because they may be hidden.

Knowing how to obtain the crimson agate 9374 is a search task that we are allowed to carry out and with which there is a possibility of achieving leveling the ice tree, it is also worth noting that it is one of the 8 crimson agates with which it is possible to get in the map, on the other hand, it is not necessarily possible to get it until January 6 when the event is scheduled to end, although it is true that it can be done in this period of time in order to get the gifts from the tree, this does not mean that after this date we cannot continue looking for these resources.
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How to get crimson agate 9374 in Genshin Impact?

Our work to obtain this mineral makes us take care of mobilizing through the northeast road that leads us to the Old Palace, this is a place with an interesting view from where we can even see the Ice Tree, in this sense, already located in the Palace is time to start the search for the agate, so it will be necessary to climb the building in order to fall to the top of the tree where the agate is located for this work it can be fantastic to have Venti because he is a 5-star character, also In this area there is the possibility of finding another hidden agate, so it is a space that is well worth exploring.

  We can finish our guide on How to get crimson agate 9374, as it is only a matter of embarking on a search through Genshin Impact and this new region called Dragon's Thorn.

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