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Guide to learn where to find meteorite shard in Genshin Impact

 Many players find themselves in good spirits planting the most meteorite fragments due to the recent "Unknown Stars" event. If you manage to find them, he will give you some Fading Star's Might that you can later use to buy items in the event store. Due to all this, you will surely want to know how to find the fragments and the benefits of it, so in this guide we will talk to you in detail about all this and more.

Where to find meteorite shard in Genshin Impact?

The meteorite fragments are fairly easy to find and are scattered all over the map. As you play, you will notice some small blue circles on your minimap. Explore the area within that circle and look for a slightly shiny blue crystal. This is the meteorite fragment.

When you get close to one, your Vision will begin to glow and buzz to indicate that you are close to one. This is useful since meteorite fragments can appear in awkward places, such as roofs or cliffs, so as soon as you recognize the signs, head towards it and interact with it to pick it up. Each is worth a Fading Star's Might, which can be used in the event store to purchase items and rewards.
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You can also complete smaller missions that require finding meteor fragments in different areas of the game, through the event menu. To do so, open your Events Menu and then click Unreconciled Stars. This is the general name of the event, with Unknown Stars being the first part.

On the next screen, click on the Unknown Star chart. On the Unknwn Star - Overture page, click on one of the available missions. This will open your map, and an area will flash blue, as shown in the image below. If you collect meteor fragments in this area, it will count towards the progress you must make in this sub-mission, which is normally seven fragments. To do this you will have to grab 7 meteorite fragments in this area to obtain 30 Primogems and 20,000 Mora.

 Now that you know where to
find meteorite shard in Genshin Impact, you can maximize the benefits the event brings to you once you get a good amount of the specified Fragments. Luck!

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