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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-11-17 12:16:42

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Guide to learn how to complete the star of destiny quest in Genshin Impact

  The newly implemented event in Genshin Impact called "Unknown Stars" has kept players busy with the many missions and activities they have to do, all to take advantage of the benefits they can get out of it. One of the most important missions is called "Stars of Destiny" and its importance lies in being mission is the third part of the event, which will be launched on November 22.

Before that, you will need to finish the unknown star part and the deceptive dream star part of the event.

During the Unreconciled Stars event, Mondstadt and Liyue are struck by meteorite chunks that cause sleeping sickness in people. It is up to us to solve this problem, so in this guide we will tell you everything you need to do so.

How to complete the star of destiny quest in Genshin Impact?

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To begin the quest for the Star of Destiny, you will have to complete another quest called "What the Heavens Hides, the Water Reveals" which will be available on November 22nd.

You can then challenge the Fallen Star in an activity to rescue the essence of Fading Star. This can be done in single player or cooperative play.

You will need to defeat enemies to generate celestial energy and then send it to Fallen Star. There is also a limit to the amount of energy it can carry, so be sure to send it frequently. If you can fill the bar before time runs out, you will be successful in the event.

After completing the Fallen Star Challenge, you can spend 40 Original Resins to get the Fading Star Essence and other rewards.

The rewards can vary depending on your world level. The Essence of Fading Star can be traded in the Event Store for Talent Level Up Materials and Weapon Upgrade Materials.

 Now that you know how to complete the star of destiny quest in Genshin Impact, you can take advantage of the benefits and experience that this challenge brings to you and your team once you have completed it. Luck!

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