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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-05 00:02:36

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There are some necessary materials in Genshin Impact that is only possible by knowing how to get to the souvenir shop in Monstadt and Liyue

Why go to the souvenir shop in Monsdtadt and liyue in Genshin Impact?

  As we progress in this game it is necessary to collect some amount of materials necessary to continue and it is precisely what leads us to take care of figuring out how to get to the souvenir shop in Monstadt and Liyue, as this simply allows us to raise the level of our character, especially because here we have powerful and fantasy characters, which perfectly offers us the possibility of being able to raise the level of people which allows us to participate in higher level encounters.
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How to get to the souvenir shop in Monstadt and Liyue by Genshin Impact?

 Our tour of this adventure allows us to visit some stores throughout this game, since in each of them there are some necessary materials to continue our progress, but for this it is necessary to consider the type of coins they accept, since most usually accept Mora, however these two souvenir shops do it the same way, but before going to the shops it is necessary to explore and complete some challenges necessary to get the Sigils.


  •  To buy at the souvenir shop in Monsdtadt you need Anemo Sigils.
  • To buy in the souvenir shop Liyue it is necessary to have Geo Sigils

 Souvenir shops serve to:

  •  Exchange different items to promote characters.
  • They have a limited stock.
  • They contain ascension materials for weapons.
  • It is possible to change your symbols for Mora a number of times.
  • It is ideal to visit these stores when we are poor in Mora and we have abundant Stealth.
  • It is possible to visit one store when we have run out of supplies from the other.


 To get them souvenir shops it is necessary to take a look at the map, as it is necessary to locate ourselves in the center, since these two stores are located in the center, the way to locate it is by getting the icon of a jewel or a gem, after that It is necessary to teleport to the city and proceed to walk its streets in search of Marjorie or Xingxi since they have the same icon on their head which indicates that we have arrived at the right place.

 Now that you know how to get to the souvenir shop in Monstadt and Liyue, it is time for you to take this interesting tour, because once located in that place we can get the necessary materials to progress in Genshin Impact.

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