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We continue our adventure for Genshin Impact and this time we propose to explain to you how to unlock Venti, let's see.

Who is Venti at Genshin Impact?

  This is nothing more than an interesting character that is included in this game, although it is true here we have a considerable gap that adds up to around 24, it is possible to mention that some may have something more interesting than others, which leads us to want Know how to unlock Venti, since he is one of the best characters and this simply means that he is classified between 4 and 5 stars, perhaps because of the type of attacks that he usually delivers as well as the abilities he possesses.
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    How to unlock Venti in Genshin Impact?

     To get this character, it will be necessary to choose the banner called Ballad in Cups, it is within the wish menu and this usually works as a mechanic that can only be used when we achieve adventure level 5, in addition to making the Wishes requires intertwining the destination depending on the banner, therefore the Balada de Copas banner simply allows us to choose individual wishes or simply allow us to purchase a batch of 10, as these usually have a value around x1 or x10 of Intertwined Destiny

     If we are determined to get Venti from the beginning of the game it is necessary to play again to find our first free wishes, this is a task that will not take us long, since each repetition will take about 30 to 45 minutes nothing more. On the other hand it is possible to buy them with Primogemas, since uqe this currency we can get it in the game through some activities and choose to receive it as a feasible reward for other necessary things, it is possible to have the possibility of buying the Genesis Crystal coin and convert it in primogems when we go to the store.

     Now that you know how to unlock Venti, it is ideal that you go for it in Genshin Impact, because it is not so complicated at the end of everything, in this way we will have an excellent character in this game.

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