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Know how to activate the bunny secret room Easter egg in a necessary task to be executed in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, let's see.

What are the bunny's secret room Easter eggs in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War?

The possibility of having more content in this game has allowed us to enjoy some interesting benefits and therefore knowing how to activate the bunny secret room Easter egg allows us to embark on these possibilities that involve having rewards or loot, specifically in this new map called Fire Z base.
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How to activate the bunny secret room Easter egg in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War?

There are three activities that we must do to activate this Easter egg and for this it is necessary:

Turn on the power: this is our first task, this involves turning on the map, for which it is necessary to turn on three Aetherium generators and when you have achieved it, simply return to the town where we have started the game.

Shoot the stuffed rabbit: With the energy on, our work to know how to activate the bunny secret room Easter egg leads us to:

  •  Locate a blue stuffed rabbit.
  • Take a look at the corner of the Pack-A-Punch machine.
  • Then we take care of shooting the rabbit using a pistol.
  • We then prepare to hear an activation noise and a scream where we can see the rabbit floating and flying up to us.
  • Then it is necessary to teleport to a jungle in the dark ether in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.


 Shoot three rabbits: this task of activating the Easter egg implies having the possibility of shooting 3 rabbits, this task usually occurs in the secret room where there are imitators and zombies, here there is a considerable amount of space to be able to move, it The only thing we will avoid is the trees to cross. As we are in a dark area it can be something favorable to reach the possibility of shooting rabbits and this is because floating rabbits are usually surrounded by a pink light, which allows us to go where it is and execute the shot.

There are specifically 3 rabbits which it is necessary to shoot, because as soon as one appears they will choose to reappear in two other areas where it will be necessary to do the same procedure, with this we get not only the three rabbits, but also that the mimics and the zombies can disappear, once this has gone well, it is time to run towards a box that appears and choose to open it, in addition to having some limited execution time for free loot and there it is possible to receive:


  •  A free can of Juggernog.
  • It is possible to receive the RAI K-84 weapon.


With this we put an end to our guide on How to activate the bunny secret room Easter egg, because with this we get rewards in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

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