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2020-09-30 07:59:08

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Our adventure for Genshin Impact allows us to tell you how to level up, let's see.

What is the need to level up Genshin Impact?

  Although it is true every time we level up it is possible to face some more complex eventualities, it is also a necessary action to find some elements, in addition to it is vital since we will face some enemies that can be formidable, and the best of all is that This can be done while we are playing on any platform, since there is no limitation for PC, mobile or consoles.
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How to level up in Genshin Impact?

  This is a necessary task for which it is necessary to have some EXP materials, this can be achieved while we play, and we do things like:

  •   Open chests.
  • Complete missions.
  • Clear dungeons.


  When we manage to get some amount of materials it is necessary to go to the attribute option and select the one we want to increase, it is possible to level up to the top each of the attributes, this usually occurs when we have the Ascension items, which It allows you to have an increase in statistics, HP and defense, which are the most suitable for causing deaths or simply doing damage.

  Definitely, knowing how to level up is quite simple, because it is only necessary to choose to locate the materials ten Genshin Impact, that is a necessary task to survive, because the enemies will not hesitate to eliminate us.

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