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2021-02-04 06:44:33

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The most recent version of Genshin Impact brings us more activities, and it is necessary to tell you about how to get the parametric transformer.

What is the parametric transformer in Genshin Impact?

  After version 1.3 arrived we will have this new device, with which it is possible to make a conversion of those excess materials that we have so that they result in something more useful, but it is necessary to understand how to get the parametric transformer before, to We have some guidelines to consider and that are presented from now on in this explanatory guide, let's see.

How to get the parametric transformer in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary that we go to Liyue to speak with Lan, this is in the adventurer's guild near a counter, it will turn out that it requires an investigation of a treasure that is in the Lisha region in Liyue.
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Being that then our way to continue we will pass some obstacles until we loot a treasure map on the way, which ends up taking us to the ruins of Dunyu, which is to the north, said treasure icon points to a corner to the left of the runes, which allows us to notice that there are a series of ruined walls that are forming a right angle, what we will do is teleport ourselves to the statue of the 7 in Lisha, and then we will go directly north, here there are significant amounts of books in a wall that is near a store, notable for an arrow that indicates it, we have to make an interaction where 3 small orange circles will stand out in these ruins, as it turns out that there is a treasure for each one and that we can loot, then From this, it is necessary to return to Liyue with Lan, for the delivery of the mission, managing to get the parametric transformer.

 This is all you need to know about how to get the parametric transformer, in this way to get the best out of the resources in Genshin Impact.

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