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Our journey for Genshin Impact is just beginning and this allows us to tell you how to get the secret pirate treasure, let's see.

What is the secret pirate treasure in Genshin Impact?

  This is a chest with some interesting elements inside, and it simply serves as an enigma to solve, because during our search we are offered a clue to locate it, an informant offers us the clue of the 3 6-armed giants that are not really anymore than the windmills of the city, which already allows us to have an exact location to which it is necessary to go.
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    How to get the secret pirate treasure in Genshin Impact?

     It is necessary to reach the top of the wind, because there is a treasure chest and it will be ideal to open it so that it is precisely Paimon who is in charge of reading the riddle, but this is only worth a little after having explored, as it is necessary to tell with a good amount of resistance, since to reach the top it is vital to jump through a wooden platforms, after sliding from the roof of the blue house, then it is only necessary to use the platforms to get to the mill.

     Once we open the chest, Piamon will read, "She does not love him at all, the passion that runs through the clear spring is only a facade, when she is cold and alone, her true heart is revealed", which leads us to tell with the ice skills to proceed to use them by going to the place and also counting on the possibility of using Kaeya in our party, in such a way that we activate the pedestals to find another chest and that this can become another clue of the treasure map.

     In one way or another, knowing how to obtain the secret pirate treasure leads us to move to the windmills of the city in Genshin Impact, so do not hesitate to try it, because this tour is worth it.

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