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Genshin Impact: Where to find the Invoices

2020-10-15 07:56:38

Genshin Impact brings us a unique adventure and this leads us to tell you where to find the invoices, let's see.

What are Genshin Impact invoices?

  These are a type of necessary elements that we can get in this game, especially it is vital, however it can become a complex search and this is because one in particular is hidden in a quite complex place, in such a way that knowing where to find the Invoices, without a doubt, a gap is vital since the business world here also has its space, some of these have been lost, which simply makes us have to work hard, since our job will not only be to get them, but also to return them.
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    Where to find the invoices in Genshin Impact?

     One of the advantages that we find in this game is that the order in which we actually have them is not specified, in such a way that it is not necessary to follow a certain line, since the idea is to find a certain place and proceed to take to continue to another, however here we tell you the places where they are located:

     West of Dihua Masrsh.

     To get this invoice it is necessary to make use of Kaeya and this is because she has the ability to freeze the surface of the water which avoids being drowned, since our task to locate the objective requires that we cross the water, then defeat the enemies that they are located near the yellow light, as this is specifically located in the center of the island near a large stone arch in a cave.

     East of Dihua Marsh.

     Our journey to know where to find the invoices makes us mobilize enough and this time we look for the opposite side of where we have located the previous invoice, which leads us to teleport to the Bishui plain, from the statue of the seven, and proceed to locate one each that has a thatched roof, when we arrive we see a yellow light which indicates that the bill is housed behind it.

     Northeast of Stone Gate.

     This is the most complicated bill to find since it is located on the top of a cliff at Genshin Impact which makes us have to climb a bit, it is located somewhat removed from the other locations, to pull it it is necessary to get 3 Noctilucos Jades since they are the elements required by the woman who has it, Baoʻer, she asks us for this rare item that can simply be necessary and usable in the ascension of the character.

     This search occurs in Liyue and to find them Jade Noctilucos it is vital to choose to buy them in the port of Liyue, because the only thing that will be necessary to have with us will be a good amount of Blackberry since these have a value of 1,000, we can find them in some Search around the town but it would be a task that takes us a little more time, as soon as we have the requested items we return with the woman to get the invoice and thus terminate this task.

     This is all you need to know about where to find the invoices, since it is a search that makes us mobilize a bit, but that is simply favorable in Genshin Impact.

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    Action role-playing
    Release date:
    September 28, 2020
    Single-player, Multiplayer
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