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Our adventure in Genshin Impact allows us to do many things and today we will tell you how to get lotus heads

What are the lotus heads in Genshin Impact?

  These are simply a type of aquatic plants native to the Liyue region, this usually grows in pairs, since one is bitter and the other fragrant, they are usually obtained near bodies of water, which allows us to handle ourselves easily in an open world , it is necessary to get this flower as it serves as a necessary ingredient to be used in a cooking recipe.
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    How to get lotus heads in Genshin Impact?

     We can get these plants regularly near bodies of water similar to a type of lily pads, we can choose to get them by doing some expeditions talking to the receptionist of the adventurers' guild, to go to the Liyue region for this flower, however there are other places where we can go for them, such as the south of the Cuijue slope, or the east of the Tianqui Valley, the Luhua pool or the northeast of the Dunyu ruins.

     An excellent option to get lotus flowers is in the plains of Guili since here we are allowed to see these heads as rewards, in such a way that the more time we spend in this exploration, the more objects it will be possible to get, in such a way that we achieve with it achieve our goal in a somewhat less complex way.

     In this sense, knowing how to get lotus heads allows us to have the possibility of visiting some areas in Genshin Impact and opting for rewards for our work.

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