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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-09 15:09:02

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Genshin Impact has arrived and with it, resources which does not lead to telling you about the locations of the Chaos Device and Ruin Guards

What do I need to get the Ruin Guards and Chaos Device locations in Genshin Impact?

  It is only necessary to get to the Temple of the Thousand Winds and being there proceed to defeat two particular bosses, since when they are killed they allow us to have the possibility of obtaining interesting loot, it is necessary to make it clear that the Chaos Device simply it is not necessary to achieve the ascension of our characters, on the contrary it is very useful within the field of Alchemy, in the same way it is necessary to ascend the weapons in Genshin Impact.

  The bosses that we must defeat are.


  •   The Ruin Guards.
  • The Ruin Hunt

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Where to get Hunt and Ruin Guards location in Genshin Impact?

 It is necessary to understand that these bosses will have to be defeated separately, on the other hand it is necessary to be able to explore a little since to get to this point, it will be necessary to have some considerable amount of experience and this allows us to tell you the following:

 Location of the Ruin Guard.

 It should be noted that knowing the Ruin Hunt locations  and ruin guards allows us to locate the Ruin Guard in the first instance, to find him it is necessary to go to the boss tab in the Adventurer Manual, as this can be a Once we have acquired this manual, we can see that it differs a bit in relation to the boss we are trying to kill, it is important to mention that it is possible to choose any region in Genshin Impact, however this boss is usually obtained in Monsdtadt, which allows us to know that finding the locations of the Ruin Hunt and guards of ruins can be located in some way in a certain place, therefore it is necessary to mobilize through the list until we locate this boss, clicking on Browse, once we kill him once We can see that we can repeat this process to visualize other possible locations to repeat the process.

 Now that we know where it is possible to find the Ruins Guard, it is necessary to focus on the Ruins Hunter, as this is a necessary task since we are faced with the possibility of knowing the Ruin Hunt and Ruins Guards to which is necessary to make some random trips, make use of the Adventurer Manual to guide us in our exploration of Genshin Impact and protect some chests during our journey.

 To eliminate any boss it is necessary to consider using the Adventurer's Manual, to specifically search for the Ruin Hunter it is necessary to go to the Liyue region for which it is necessary to access from the drop-down menu that is located at the top of the page Then we proceed to press Browse, it is necessary to understand that both bosses mentioned here will drop exactly the same resources or that it is simply appropriate for our search.

Ruin Hunt Location, Chaos Circuit, and Chaos Core.

 Our main task here today is to know the locations of the Ruin Hunt and Ruin Guards for which it is important to know that the Chaos Device and 5-star Amos Bow are highly necessary for the first 2 levels in Genshin Impact, but this does not stop there, since to advance to the next 2 levels it is already necessary to have the Chaos Circuits, then for the next 2 levels to have the Chaos Nuclei, which makes it a sequence of events and the same mode a somewhat higher range.

 To get base material, it is necessary to have the Chaos and Alchemy Device, because specifically it is necessary to consider that different materials are not required for each ascension level, only a higher rank level, since the specific objective of the chaos device is to achieve weapon ascents to the point that it allows us to place them at level 20.

Here are some interesting numbers that you should consider:


  •  To achieve the Chaos Circuit requires 3 Chaos Devices to become 1 Chaos Circuit.
  • To get the Core of Chaos, 3 Chaos Circuits are required to become 1 Core of Chaos.


 On the other hand, it is necessary to consider Amos's 5-star Arc and it has these values ​​in Genshin Impact:

  •  5 Chaos devices for the first ascension.
  • 18 Chaos devices for the second ascension.
  • 9 Chaos circuits for the third ascension.
  • 18 Chaos devices for the fourth ascension.
  • 14 Chaos Devices for the Fifth Ascension.


 There is some interesting amount of materials that bosses drop, these tend to fall often as we fight as it is our task to get the locations of the farm of chaos devices and ruin guards, so this leads us to consider understand that every 5 ranks allows us to increase 1 World Level, only after having reached the level of Adventure Rank 20, which simply leads us to deal with the level of difficulty since it tends to increase causing the enemies to become formidable and complex. which lets us know that they can drop these materials:


  •  Chaos Device by Ruin Guards and Ruin Hunters while below level 40.
  • Chaos Circuit by Ruin Guards and Ruin Hunter above level 40.
  • Chaos Core by Ruin Guards and Ruin Hunters above level 60.


 Next we leave a list with the weapons that use the materials of the Chaos to ascend in Genshin Impact and they are the following.


  •  3 stars: Another world story
  • 3 stars: Run the bow
  • 3 stars: Traveler's Sword
  • 4 stars: The Great Password of Favonius
  • 4 stars: Spear of Favonius
  • 4 stars: Favonius Warbow
  • 4 stars: Sacrificial Shards
  • 4 stars: Sacrificial Sword
  • 5 stars: The Bow of Amos
  • 5 stars: Lost Prayer to the Holy Winds
  • 5 stars: Spine of the sky
  • 5 stars: The Tombstone of the Wolf.


 This is all you need to know about the Ruin Hunt and Ruin Guards, as it is an interesting and complex task that we must perform, such that our Genshin Impact ascension process is simply necessary.

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