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2020-11-10 07:23:30

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Progress in Genshin Impact allows us to have a series of necessary resources and therefore today it is necessary to tell you how to obtain condensed resin

What is Genshin Impact condensed resin?

  This is simply an interesting plane that we can count on in updating this game and that allows us to save some time, especially because here there are some considerable changes that we face, because it also has a Reputation system of the City which is accessible thanks to the fantastic rewards that we can find.
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How to get Genshin Impact condensed resin?

This is a process that leads us to locate in the first instance at level 3 of the City of Reputation in Liyue, and this leads us to locate a craft bank where we can get this plane for which it is necessary to have some requirements, to such an extent that we are allowed to get them and as soon as we have the resin choose to save it to grow it, since with it it is possible to find some artifacts, or even Mora

To make resin you need:

  •  100 from Mora.
  • 40 of Original Resin.
  • 1 Crystal core


 The Condensed Resin usually has interesting uses and one of them is the sets of rewards that we can get as a product of having Completed Line Blossoms Law, or simply the Petrified Trees in Domains.

 Definitely, knowing how to obtain condensed resin simply makes us embark on the craft store and choose to get some materials to make it, as it is one of the fantastic advantages that Genshin Impact offers us.

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