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Genshin Impact has managed to hook us, so it is necessary to tell you how to find the princess box

What is the princess box in Genshin Impact?

This is just one of the 3 objects that are usually hidden in the Spine, forming part of version 1.2 of the game and that usually occurs in an icy region called "Dragon Spine", in this place they are carried out some number of events and tasks, all embedded within the cold effect, and where there is the possibility of:


  •  Get the Ice Tree whose purpose is to level up to get rewards and which in turn has some similarity to the Statue of the Seven.
  • Count on the search for Crimson Agate to get the Ice Tree level up.


 Now, to know how to find the princess's box, it is necessary to deal with unlocking a secret door, this makes us work a little on the Dragon's Thorn and thereby achieve:

  •  The princess box.
  • The priest's box.
  • The scribe's box.


 On the other hand, knowing how to find the princess's box is a task that not only usually occurs with the search for her as such and nothing else, because once we unlock the door, the chance of having a luxurious chest opens up where it is possible get:

  •  Leveling materials.
  • Blackberry.
  • Artifacts.
  • A crimson agate.
  • Primogemas.

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How to find the princess box in Genshin Impact?

Our work makes us take care of getting the secret door and for this it is necessary to take care of traveling on top of the Nail world, this makes us have to take care of moving to the north of the ramp inside the cave to reach the mouth of it and proceed to fly up another ramp up to find the mouth of the cave where the door is close enough to the Seelie fire torch.

Now, with the torch unlocked we are given the opportunity to:

  •  Locate the princess's box: for this it is necessary to move a little to the northeast of the region, which leads us to stop by the Ice Tree, fly to the island to activate the challenge that leads us to take care of defeating the Magi of the Abyss with a time of only 60 seconds to carry it out, once this has been done we are presented with the possibility of getting a chest that is nothing more than the princess's box.
  • Locate the priest's box: we continue our way in Genshin Impact and this makes us take care of the next box, this is usually close enough to the path where it is possible to get the Anemo fairies northwest of the Dragon's Thorn, in this sense, it is worth It is worth making use of the fairies and in this way moving to the top of the ruined tower where it is usually possible to see the priest's box a few meters away.
  • Locate the scribes box: this is the third box that arises necessary to locate in this region of Genshin Impact, for this it is necessary to take care of executing a quick trip that can take us to the outskirts of the Starglow cavern, going to where the monument is usually located and choose to place fresh flowers because this allows us to open the box.

 In general terms, knowing how to find the princess box leads us to mobilize and take advantage of executing other searches in Genshin Impact.

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