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Angel Marquez
2020-12-30 14:31:08

More about: Call of Duty Mobile

The action in Call of Duty Mobile does not stop, so we are going to explain how to get QXR SMG in season 13.

What to know about Call of Duty Mobile?

Among all the new content that was added with the arrival of season 13, we have weapons and rewards as well, among which the QXR SMG stands out, a new combat SMG, which has a similar design to the VMP den black Ops 4, considering that the latter's reputation is for power, then it makes it ideal for us to keep in mind how to get QXR SMG in season 13, and it will be seen in the details below.

How to get QXR SMG in season 13 in Call of Duty Mobile?

We have to complete the Run and Gun challenges during season 13, which allows us to unlock the QXR, although it is a balanced weapon it is good that we have it for different situations, it causes considerable damage, has precision and mobility , as it is an SMG it is clear that its design is in close combat, so to know how to obtain QXR SMG in season 13 the challenges to complete are the following:
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  • By equipping a cordite with 3 accessories you have to kill 20 enemies
  • With a PDW-57 equipped with 5 accessories kill 20 enemies
  • With the PDW-57 equipped with 2 accessories kill 30 enemies
  • With an SMG that is equipped with 4 accessories you have to kill 30 enemies
  • With an SMG equipped with 3 accessories you have to kill 30 enemies
  • With any SMG kill 30 enemies a couple of times
  • In any of the modes kill 20 enemies.

With the fact of completing these challenges the rewards are obtained, the final prize being the QXR in Call of Duty Mobile, the duration of the challenge will play an important role, so they are limited rewards, we must focus on only deaths and the more we achieve of additionally, we will have better options for success to unlock this weapon, aggressive domination and mortal game constructions are the most appropriate to complete all the challenges, especially if we use the Nuketown maps.

These are all the guidelines to consider on How to get QXR SMG in Season 13, leading us to be successful in other important tasks in Call of Duty Mobile.

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