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2020-11-09 12:30:13

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Resources are essential in Genshin Impact so this allows us to tell you how to find potatoes

What are potatoes in Genshin Impact?

These are simply another of the necessary resources with which we get in this game and it is simply an ingredient to complete our cooking recipes, it is possible to get it in nature while we do exploration work and it is simply described as a thick Vegetable.

How to find potatoes in Genshin Impact?

This is a vegetable that we can buy, and for this it is necessary to have blackberry since each potato has a value of 120 blackberry, we are also limited to buying 100 potatoes per day, since the inventory is usually replenished every day, and this we you have to visit the Monsdtadt store called General Goods, then go to the port of Liyue to the Second Life store.
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With the potato several recipes can be made such as:

Rataoulle de Barbatos.

Potatoes and 4 onion.

Monsdtadt Hash Brown.

Potatoes and 2 pineapples.

Satisfying salad.

Potatoes 1 bird egg 1 apple.

Now that you know how to find potatoes, it is time to gather some blackberry in Genshin Impact and thus prepare delicious recipes.

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