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2020-11-09 12:01:06

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Our Genshin Impact walkthrough lets us tell you how to find pepper.

What is the pepper in Genshin Impact?

  This is a necessary resource that allows us to use it in cooking recipes and prepare fantastic food, but in the same way it is useful to heal, so do not stop looking for it because it is really highly necessary.

How to find pepper in Genshin Impact?

  It is first necessary to get some Blackberry since this allows us to buy it in the item store, since we can get a total of 100 pepper for each day, and each one has a cost of 80 Blackberry, with the amount of blackberry necessary it is time to Go to the general goods store in Monsdtadt and interact with Blanche the owner of the store to choose to buy it.

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There are other resources in the store and they are the following:

  •   Wheat and milk worth 100 blackberries each.
  • Cabbage, tomato and potato for a value of 120 each.
  • Pepper and onion for 80 blackberries each.
  • Salt in 60 blackberry.

  These are the recipes with which we can use blackberry in Genshin Impact:

  Chicken with chili.

  2 birds 1 chili Jueyun 1 pepper.

Fried radish balls.

  3 flour 2 radish 1 pepper.

  Grilled tiger fish.

  1 fish 1 pepper.

  Grilled fish from Monsdtadt.

  1 fish 1 pepper.

  Now that you know how to find pepper and the uses we can give it, it is time to go for it in Genshin Impact, do not stop looking for it.

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