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2020-10-09 12:25:07

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Today we bring you an interesting Genshin Impact guide where we propose to tell you How to find aerosiderite grain, let's see.

What is aerosiderite grain in Genshin Impact?

  Our journey through this game has allowed us to obtain a certain amount of resources and materials necessary to promote our characters, so it is good that you know that this grain is simply one of the elements necessary to promote weapons such as:


  •   Black Tassel.
  • Iron String
  • Mappa Mare.

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How to find aerosiderite grain in Genshin Impact?

 This is an element that we can get in the Domains only that they usually have specific days, and it is given in this way:


  •  On Wednesdays or Saturdays for the Forgery Domain Thunder Trail.
  • On Sunday in the Electrostatic Field of the Domain of Counterfeiting.


 To get these grains in the domains, you must first consider the aforementioned days, then understand that this works as a reward, because it is important to consider planning the ascents before, as this allows us to be able to do them calmly and without rushing, as it would only be A matter of waiting for the specific days to arrive, in addition these rewards are usually claimed with Original Resin for which it will be necessary to record a good amount, understanding on the other hand that during these days we are also limited to receiving the rewards, that is, there is a limited amount of grains.

 It is necessary to consider that to ascend a weapon, 3 grains of Aerosiderite plus other extra materials are required, however, it is possible to choose to buy it if we want to do a fast weapon ascension job and for this it is only necessary to have 4 Geo Stealth, and go to Liyue's souvenir shop.

 Definitely, knowing how to find aerosiderite grain is a necessary task, since there is nothing more feasible than having powerful weapons in Genshin Impact.

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