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Genshin Impact: How to do Elemental Combos

2020-10-09 12:17:13

Genshin Impact has arrived and with it some amount of work which leads us to tell you how to make elemental combos

What are the elemental combos for in Genshin Impact?

  These are simply necessary elements to be able to overcome strong situations in terms of combat, feet it is necessary to have them because we get some enemies strong enough, with complex skills that in any way make us have to choose to take forceful measures, that allow us to escape unscathed.

Elements in Genshin Impact

  •  Geo (Earth)
  • Cryogenesis (Ice)
  • Hydro (Water)
  • Anemo (Wind)
  • Pyro (Fire)
  • Electro (Shoc)
  • Dendro (Nature)


 How to make elemental combos in Genshin Impact?

 It is necessary to know how to use elemental effects correctly, as some enemies can be susceptible to certain elements of which it is necessary to take advantage of them.

 These are the elemental effects in this game.

  • Pyro: fire damage of time
  • Electro: Wet enemies are shocked
  • Geo: Deals the enemy's elemental damage and drops its energy shield that orbits the player for protection.
  • Cryo: Reduces the speed of movements
  • Hydro: Enemies get wet, ready for combo delivery


 These are the elemental combos that help us to do enough damage, it is also necessary to do them in a certain order so that the desired effect can be achieved.

  •  Whirlpool: We use Pyro Electro, Hydro, or Crio then Anemo to absorb the first elemental and then it deals elemental damage
  • Shock Damage: We use Electro and then Hydro to cause lasting shock damage.
  • Frozen: We use Hydro and then Cryo to freeze the targets
  • Burn effect: We use Dendro first and then Pyro to inflict lasting fire damage
  • Crystallize: We use Gero and then Crio, Pyro or Hydro in order to create elemental fragments that help protect us from damage.
  • Overcharged: We use Electro and then Pyro to create an explosion inside an AoE
  • Melt: We use Crio and then Pyro to increase the damage
  • Vaporize: We use Hydro and then Pyro to increase the damage
  • Superconduct: Use the electro and then the cryogenics to create an AoE that deals damage to the cryogenics.

 This is all we can tell you about how to do elemental combos, as it is a necessary task to win in Genshin Impact.

PlayStation4 PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC, Android
Action role-playing
Release date:
September 28, 2020
Single-player, Multiplayer
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