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If you want to become a Forager alchemist, don't worry about anything, because today we will tell you how to make Craft Potions.

Forager, is the aerial exploration sandbox video game developed by HopFrog SA and was released on April 18. In the video game there are a lot of things to do, one of them is to make Craft Potions, although this can be a bit complicated. However, with this guide we have everything covered already for you.

What is needed to make Craft Potions in Forager.

The first thing you need to have for this will be to make a cauldron, for this you will have to make sure that you have already achieved the Alchemy skill, also the Beginner Potions ability and the Expert Craft Potions skill but before getting the latter you will have to have unlocked Alchemy and then Novice Potions.

Get the skills leveling up by fighting enemies and advancing in the game.

You can make the cauldron using four flowers which you can harvest in the grass, eight iron ingots and 20 bricks that you can make with two iron ores and a piece of coal or also using two stones and a piece of coal.

After you have manufactured the cauldron you can unlock the skills of Potions for beginners, as well as potions for experts respectively.

How to make Craft Potions in Forager.

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Here are some ways to make basic forager potions, which despite being basic are quite useful.

  • Bloodfury cocktail

Your attacks will double the damage and anything to eliminate will explode

To get this position you will need the skill of Potion Experts, 1x Ruby, 1x Bomb, 5x Hot Pepper and 5x Deathmoth bottled.

  • Wisdom Draft

It allows you to get double experience points and heal your HP and Energy as you level up.

You will need to have the ability of Beginner Potions, 1x Amethyst, 5x Paper, 5x Beet and 5x Bottled Beetles.

  • Healing potion

It allows you to heal the player and restores HP and energy.

You will need to have the ability of Alchemy, 10x Flower, 10x Wheat, 10x Citrus and 5x Bottled Torch.

  • Dragon's Philtre

This generates $ 50 to dodge incoming attacks and you can also throw fireballs.

You will need to have the ability of Expert Potions, 1x Ruby, 2x Steel, 5x Cinderbloom and 5x Bottled Death Moth.

  • Liquid luck

This potion reminds us of a certain book (which we personally love a lot) which tells the story of a magician. The case is that in Forager it allows that the objects fallen by the harvested resources are duplicated, in addition it also increases the possibility of the player to find rare objects in drops

You will need to have the ability of Beginner Potions, 1x Amethyst, 5x Night Shadow, 5x Bone and 5x bottled beetles.

Ana's pleasure

This potion allows you to raise the rate of animal generation in a short period of time

You will need to have the ability of Expert Potions, 1x Emerald, 5x Sugar, 5x Flower and 5x Bottled Butterfly.

  • Mandrake

Any resemblance to a magician's book is really pure coincidence. This potion allows you to shoot poisonous rays at enemies and harvest resources.

You will need to have the Beginner Potion Skill, 1x Emerald, 5x Lavender, 5x Cactus Fruit and 5x Bottled Butterflies.

  • Greedy mix

This passion allows you to raise the value of the coins you get by up to 25%, it also drops the coins of the objects and enemies you attack.

You will need to have the ability of Expert Potions, 1x Topaz, 5x Leather, 5x Night and 5x Bottled Torch.

  • Thunderstrike

With this position you can shoot lightning around it to cause damage to enemies and also reap resources.

You will need to have the ability of Potions for Beginners 1x Topaz, 5x Crystal, 5x Pumpkin and 5x Bottled Torch Insect.

We hope that now that you know how to make Craft Potions in Forager, you are more than ready to become an alchemist, in addition to telling you how to make Craft Potions, we have other guides on this and other titles that will surely be useful to you.

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