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2019-08-09 19:19:54

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To keep progressing rapidly in Forager, we have prepared a guide to tell you how to get leather quickly and easily.

We have seen the Forager 2D survival and exploration videogame, we have been testing it and we liked it a lot, although there have been some details that we have found a bit complicated to understand, so we have decided to explain it in this guide.

Being tries to get leather. It may seem easy, but there will be times when you will find yourself tied up and it will be difficult to do so.

How to get leather in Forager.

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This is one of the materials you will most need to use, whether it be for the manufacture of backpacks, gloves and a lot of other items that require this material.

For this the first thing you need is a Wizard Scroll, for this you will need to have the Expert Scrolls ability and the enrollment skill. This element serves to convert resources into animals or also to obtain the resources of animals, in this case leather.

Once these skills are achieved, you will have to get five paper using wood and five flowers, five purple pigment which you can do using two beets, two night shadows and two lavenders and you will also need five death moths in the bottle which you can find in The fire biome.

Once you have the Scroll Wizard you can start getting your animal resources.

We hope that our Forager guide has been useful for get leather and that you also know how to take full advantage of it.

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