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Wanna test your mettle in Destiny 2's pinnacle PvP activity? Then you better come prepared! In this article, we've gathered a bunch of tried-and-true weapons that excel in Trials of Osiris and will help you perform much better in the Crucible. To make going Flawless even easier, consider getting a Trials of Osiris boosting service from our friends at WowVendor. They can help you rank up, snag the best Trials weapons and armor, and pair you with a top-tier pro team, making that 7-0 winning streak a breeze!

Trials of Osiris Meta Weapons

Before we dive in, let's clarify that our list is based on personal preferences, hands-on experience, and current trends in the Crucible. While mainly focusing on proven PvP meta weapons, we've also included something from the new additions to the roster because it's simply too good to ignore.

With that out of the way, let's check out our PvP top picks!

Ace of Spades

This terrific 140 RPM Exotic hand cannon has consistently ranked among the top-tier PvP guns for many seasons and for a good reason. Not only does it have a whole lot of range, but it also offers incredibly rewarding kills. Thanks to its Memento Mori perk, every kill reloads the gun with boosted bullets, allowing you to mow down your enemies with ease. This basically gives you an almost infinite kill clip as long as you keep landing those final blows and don't stow the weapon. Also, Ace of Spades keeps your radar on even when aiming down sights, which is a crucial advantage in the high-stakes environment of Trials.

Red Death Reformed

A reimagined classic from the original Destiny, this 340 RPM Solar pulse rifle has just been added to the game but is already making waves in the Crucible meta. The combination of its base perks creates a real PvP monster, increasing handling, reload speed, and movement speed, while also providing curing effects and even damage buffs when you're low on health. Although its base stats might be slightly lower than other meta options in the same category, the benefits you get just for dealing damage more than make up for it. Currently, the weapon is available through the Season Pass. There's also a Catalyst for it, but in order to get it, you'll have to wait till Act Two of the Echoes episode goes live.

Conditional Finality

This awesome 55 RPM shotty is a great pick for Trials, dealing both Stasis and Solar damage to rip Guardians to shreds. When you hit all or nearly all pellets, it will either freeze or ignite your enemy. Perfect for close-quarter maps, this shotgun boasts high-tier handling and is an excellent choice for countering Wells and Bubbles, which adds another big plus to the weapon's utility.

Igneous Hammer

Having been one of the top guns in the Crucible for a long time, Igneous Hammer still remains a solid choice up to this very day, even though it's been slightly overshadowed by other meta options recently. This 120 RPM hand cannon boasts fantastic range and can take down Guardians with just two crit shots if you have a damage buff. While being pretty hard-hitting on its own, it can get even deadlier and more accurate with perks like Frenzy, Golden Tricorn, or Eye of the Storm.

The Summoner

The Summoner is a 600 RPM auto rifle obtainable through the Trials of Osiris playlist. This beauty offers a great TTK and an impressive perk pool with options like Kill Clip, Onslaught, Zen Moment, and more to make the weapon more consistent, lethal, or versatile depending on your preferences and playstyle.


Rose is another fantastic 140 RPM hand cannon on our list. Its Lightweight Frame gives a nice mobility boost, allowing you to move much faster, which is especially beneficial for Hunter players. The perk pool is excellent, with top-tier options to choose from, including Moving Target, Slideshot, Opening Shot, Explosive Payload, Rapid Hit, and others.


Being the fourth hand cannon on our list, the Thorn Exotic once again proves the solid dominance of that weapon type in Trials. Despite the Catalyst nerf that Bungie rolled out in one of Season 23's updates, it remains a very powerful weapon mainly due to the Mark of the Devourer perk. This perk deals significant ticking burn damage that can take opponents out in seconds and prevent revives, giving your team a huge advantage in Trials.

The Messenger

The Messenger is a kinetic pulse rifle with a high-impact frame and incredible TTK, which allow it to easily secure two-burst kills in the Crucible. Whether you're engaging at medium range or holding down a lane, this pulse rifle won't let you down. The in-game description calls it "the bearer of bad news," and for a reason — with its stellar stats and impressive perk pool, it surely does not bode well for your opponents. The only downside is that the gun is Trials exclusive, making it less accessible. However, considering how powerful it is, it's definitely worth the grind.

Final Word

On that note, we wrap up our PvP top-performers review, hoping it helped you optimize your loadout to dominate the Crucible. Good luck getting those Flawless runs, and see you in the Trials!

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