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Games and movies are great ways to spend your leisure time at home. Whether you play games or watch your favorite movies with your friends or family, you need a reliable platform that allows you to stream content. There are different platforms that allow you to play games and stream movies from anywhere. 

However, you cannot trust on any platform as there are many that stream pirated movies and games. Streaming from such platforms can put you into legal trouble. Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned some genuine platforms that you can use to play online games or stream your favorite movies. Let us explore those platforms to spend quality time with family or friends.

Prime Video Watch Party

Friends can watch a movie together using the Prime Video Watch Party. Just so you know, you may choose any movie that is available through Prime and include as many as 100 of your friends. All viewers must, however, be Prime members and either be in the same nation as the host or have at least paid for the video.

How to use Prime Video Watch Party to stream films together online:

  • Select the show or film that interests you.
  • On the main page of the film, click the Watch Party Hat symbol.
  • After entering the name you want to use for your group chat, click "Create Watch Party."
  • Provide your friends and family with the generated link.
  • After everyone has signed up, you can begin to watch.


You can host watch parties for streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and more with Teleparty's free edition. Additionally, you are able to organise a viewing party for up to 1,000 guests. It also comes with a premium edition that costs $6.59 a month or $47.88 a year and integrates with other services like ESPN Plus, Crunchyroll, and Apple TV Plus.

Opera, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and the browser plugin "Teleparty," formerly known as "Netflix Party," are all compatible. The business also claims to be developing iOS and Apple capabilities and to have a beta version of an Android app available.

Here's how to throw a watch party after you've downloaded the Teleparty apps or extensions from the aforementioned links.

  • 1. Launch a video from a supported streaming provider.
  • 2. Select the toolbar's TP icon.
  • 3. Select "Start the Party."
  • 4. The video and a shareable link appear on a new page. Using your preferred method, copy and distribute the link to your friends and relatives.

Your invitees will be linked to the watch party after they click the TP symbol in the toolbar after opening the link. With Teleparty's group chat feature, users may converse while watching a show or movie or express their reactions to certain parts.


Unlike other platforms, Rave is the only one that enables users to synchronise their streaming services, enabling them to watch films together. In addition to being free, it works with a number of well-known providers, like Netflix, Hulu, Max, and others. Better yet? There's no cap on the amount of participants, and you can have real-time conversations with other viewers. But remember that everyone using the app has to have access to the same streaming service and a Rave account.

How to use Rave to watch films together online:

  • Start by installing the Rave app and creating an account if you haven't already.
  • To add friends, hit the menu icon and choose "Friends." You may either send text invites to pals to join Rave or search for the folks you'd like to add.
  • Choose the content you wish to watch. (If prompted, log into your streaming account.)
  • Play the movie after bringing it up.


Yidiot functions similarly to all these other movie websites' search engines. It's quite useful since it indicates the exact location of a free movie on the internet.

While a simple search box would be sufficient, Yidio goes above and beyond with an abundance of additional sorting and filtering options. These consist of the IMDb score, decade, genre, and MPAA rating, among others. Simply complete any of those fields to receive a list with links to websites where you can watch free films.

To locate free animated films produced since 2020, for instance, I asked Yidio to rank the list based on the films' IMDb ratings. Links to watch the films on Tubi, Roku, Pluto TV, and other free streaming services were available in the top several results.

Until   we have mentioned some best platforms to stream movies. Let us now explore some platforms to play online games. 


Kodi is not a website, but a media player that enables its users to stream content from various platforms. Whether you want to watch your favorite movies, TV shows or play online games, Kodi is the way to go. Kodi is compatible with multiple devices like Amazon Firestick, Roku and Chromecast. 

Although Kodi does not own any content, it lets you stream content using addons. Now people who are new to Kodi may not know about its addons, which are additional plugins that help you stream movies, TV shows, and a variety of content including games. So, new users can check out the Kodi Addons picked by Firesticktricks as they are the best and top rated addons for streaming content. 

No matter if you want to watch a retro classic film, or a latest blockbuster that recently left the cinemas, Kodi will let you do so. You can also customize your Kodi interface by using Kodi builds that let you choose beautiful interfaces and make Kodi easy to use. 


Kongregate is a website that hosts numerous online games that users can play directly in their web-browser. It offers games in genres such as shooter, sports & racing, and action.

 and other genres like puzzle and idles games.

It's simple to locate the perfect game here because, once you've chosen a category, you can sort the list to see the most popular games and those that were just added; this is very useful for repeat visitors.

After a few games, Kongregate will display your recently played games, recommendations based on your favourite games, and even a playlist of free games to play later (if you log in).


Pogo offers dozens of free online games, including puzzle, board, card, word, casino, and hidden object games, all accessible directly from their website.

Pogo truly has something for every type and age of gamer, and you'll quickly find a variety of games that will train your brain, relax it, or pit you against other online players.

Some of the most popular games on Pogo include Scrabble, Crossword Cove HD, Poppit! HD, and Anagrams.

You may play the majority of Pogo's free online games without registering, but registering is free and allows you to enter prize drawings, save your gaming stats, and earn tokens. Certain features are only available if you pay for Club Pogo.


Poki is a renowned platform for online gamers that offers a variety of addictive and engaging games. With its extensive game library, provides a broad selection of titles to suit a variety of gaming preferences and interests.

Poki provides a diverse range of action-packed adventures, brain-teasing puzzles, and simple games to keep you entertained. It regularly updates its game catalogue, guaranteeing that users may access new and popular titles. The portal also displays trending games and popular options, making it easier for gamers to discover new games.

Summing Up

Choosing reliable websites for streaming movies and playing online games is critical for a fun and safe entertainment experience. Prime Video Watch Party, Teleparty, Rave, and Yidio are all great options for movie streaming, with each offering distinct features for easy viewing with friends and family. Pogo, Kongregate, and Poki offer a wide range of interesting and enjoyable games for players of all ages and inclinations. Using these trustworthy services allows you to ensure high-quality, legal entertainment while also making the most of your free time with loved ones.

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