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This guide will tell you how to get the Dragon Ball Kamehameha Mythic in Fortnite. This powerful weapon will make enemies fear you and dominate the battle royale.

What is Dragon Ball Kamehameha Mythic?

The Dragon Ball Kamehameha Mythic is a powerful weapon that can be used to deal massive damage to both enemies and structures. It is a powerful energy attack that can be used three times before it leaves your inventory. It also has a 10-second cooldown and can be used to attack multiple enemies at once.

How to get the Dragon Ball Kamehameha Mythic in Fortnite?

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In order to obtain the Dragon Ball Kamehameha Mythic, you will need to wait for Capsule Corp capsules to fall from the sky and break them open. Look for the bottle icons on the in-game map after the first storm circle is introduced to locate the capsules. By extracting everything from the capsules, you will guarantee the Kamehameha Mythic and a Flying Nimbus to move around the map.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to get the Dragon Ball Kamehameha Mythic in Fortnite. Make sure that you make the most of the Mythic while you have it as it will only be available for three uses and will have a 10-second cooldown. However, with its immense power, it is well worth the effort to obtain and use it.

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