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In How to Escape the Beast in the Kid LAROI's Wild Dreams in Fortnite, find out how to get the sweet loot at the end of the quest.

What is The Beast in The Kid LAROI's Wild Dreams?

The beast in The Kid LAROI's Wild Dreams is a huge, powerful creature that players must defeat in order to complete the quest. It is a giant monster that can be seen lurking in the futuristic city. It is a monstrous being made of metal and it is the main antagonist of the quest.

How to Escape the Beast in the Kid LAROI's Wild Dreams in Fortnite?

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To escape the beast, players must use their skills to navigate their way through the city's sewers and passageways. The quest requires players to follow the arrows and keep running. The arrows will lead them to the right path and they must not get distracted by the beast. The key to success is to keep running and never stop.

Players must also be aware of the obstacles that can get in the way. They must use their mantling and sliding abilities to get through the tough areas. If they take too much time to figure it out, the beast may reach them and they will fail the quest.

At one point, two paths will come up and players must take the left one to escape the beast. Players must keep running until they reach an underground sewer and they will be safe from the beast.

The Kid LAROI's Wild Dreams Quest in Fortnite is an intense adventure full of danger and thrills. Players must use their skills and abilities to navigate the city and escape the beast. They must follow the arrows and keep running till they reach the underground sewer. By doing so, they will be able to complete the quest and collect the musical notes in order to damage the beast.

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