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Want to know how to eliminate a player with no weapons in your inventory in Fortnite? This article will tell you how to achieve this difficult task.

How to Eliminate a Player with No Weapons in Your Inventory in Fortnite?

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If you wish to complete the challenge of eliminating a player with no weapons in your inventory, you should either use your Pickaxe or Shockwave Hammer. When using the Pickaxe, make sure you do not have any guns or grenades in your inventory beforehand. The best way to guarantee that your enemy is unarmed when they land is to follow them out of the Battle Bus, giving you time to eliminate them before they even have the chance to find a weapon.

The Shockwave Hammer is also a viable option, but it is important to remember not to bounce from the Shockwave Hammer before attacking an enemy with it. This weapon can be found on one of the rooftops of Faulty Splits, and can be used to earn the challenge’s generous 16,000 XP in just one match.

Completing the challenge of eliminating a player with no weapons in your inventory is a difficult but rewarding task. It requires careful planning and strategy, as well as an understanding of the weapons available in-game. The Pickaxe and Shockwave Hammer are two viable options for completing the challenge, but it is important to remember the key tactics associated with each weapon. With careful execution, this challenge can be completed easily and with plenty of XP to show for it.

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