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The challenges usually occur regularly and for this reason we will explain how to communicate with a hired character in Fortnite.

What is the point of communicating with a hired character in Fortnite?

  Having the opportunity to stay in contact with some characters that we can hire forming a team this season, we can use these characters to alert about the enemy or, failing that, generate distractions, we can keep in constant communication with them and to indicate what you must do we have brought this guide.

How to communicate with a hired character in Fortnite?

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In season 4 it is necessary to take into account that in chapter 3 there were a total of 6 NPCs, now we manage to rent them and to do so it is necessary to have the amount of 100 gold bars and hire a character at the same time, this makes it necessary to shoot opponents or wildlife, it is only necessary to approach the character and touch the interaction button to proceed to select Hire and proceed to pay the amount of 100 gold bars.

 It is necessary to take into account that this is a new feature that we have and that, unlike some human companions, they do not usually have much utility such as Squasd Comms, who at the time were a feature incorporated this season, this makes it necessary to take care of putting pressure on left on the controller D-pad in order to see all the commands and here there was an option called discard, now that option has been removed, leaving us these three commands to use with a hired character, and they are:


  •  Expect
  • Move on
  • To follow


 It should be noted that the additional commands are usually useful if we get an NPC teammate, he wanders a lot and will reveal the position or detect an opponent for us.

 Note: This feature does not typically respond to Request or Squad communications.

 This is all you need to know about How to communicate with a hired character in Fortnite, just apply this feature and continue enjoying this game.

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