Angel Marquez
2020-07-28 09:36:54

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This time we return with a guide of Fortnite taking into account the objective explained How to obtain health or sip shields in Slurpy Swamp.

What to know about health or sip shields in Fortnite?

We are before one of the challenges detected in this week 7 of season 3 episode 2, which consists of solving How to get health or slurry shields in Slurpy Swamp, the latter being the location where we will take our goal of the challenge now to understanding in more detail it is important to consider some guidelines to follow, for this we pay attention to the following explanatory content.

How to get slurpy swamp health or sip shields in Fortnite?

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We have 2 possibilities to follow, one is to locate the silos that are full of Slurp on the ground floor of the factory and break them at the top by crouching in them, thus achieving health and shield for each second that passes, but the other option And the best is that we will destroy the Slurp barrels that we find throughout the factory and when they do they will explode, allowing us to cover ourselves with the Slurp obtaining health and shields.

We can conclude that knowing How to get health or sip shields in Slurpy Swamp is easier to think, we just have to follow some indications specified in this Fortnite guide and continue enjoying this incredible game.