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Season 6 of Fortnite has arrived and it is convenient to indicate where to investigate an anomaly detected in Shark Island

What's the point of finding an anomaly on Shark Island in Fortnite?

  The season has arrived and it brings us some number of interesting challenges, in this sense, knowing where to investigate an anomaly detected in Shark Island leads us to choose to unlock the new style for Agent Jones. It should be noted that this is not the location anomaly with which we get this season, because little by little we will continue to get others and these are vital to achieve level 100 of the battle pass.
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    Where to investigate an anomaly detected on Shark Island in Fortnite?

    Our search work leads us to go to the north coast of the island, because knowing that we are in the indicated area is easy and this is because we managed to observe a bright butterfly, our job should be to follow it, but in reality this does not usually happen. In this way, failing that, it is usually necessary to work on the solution of 3 Jonesy holograms, for this it is necessary to solve them and get to them in this way:


    •  Hologram 1: here we get to observe Jonesy crouching, our job consists of standing in front of him.
    • Hologram 2: in this one we are shown Jonesy performing a dance and it is the one with the dental floss, it will only be necessary to get excited in front of it.
    • Hologram 3: here we can visualize Jonesy jumping as this leads us to jump in front of him and as soon as we perform this task we will be allowed to hear a chime and in the same way our character will shine.


     The activities of the holograms must be carried out in the aforementioned order to make this search for the anomaly occur, after that the bright fragment usually appears in the center floating in the air, this makes us have to go down the stairs and proceed to take said fragment in order to complete the challenge and thus achieve the new style of Agent Jones.

     In this sense, knowing where to investigate an anomaly detected in Shark Island Island allows us to embark on a search in Fortnite, try it.

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