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Fortnite: How to catch the Vendetta Flopper

2020-09-14 09:16:00

The action in Fortnite does not stop so today we are going to explain how to catch the vendetta flopper.

What to know about the vendetta flopper in Fortnite?

With update 11.10 a new fish has come to this game so that we have it as a goal to catch, in order to accumulate an outstanding collection, without restrictions we will be able to catch it at any time, there are no limitations, the advantage of eating this fish is that it is possible to reveal the location of any enemy that is near us, it is important that we have it in those complicated occasions, since it could free us from a shooting conflict, now it is necessary to know how to catch the vendetta flopper and the details follow.

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    How to catch the vendetta flopper in Fortnite?

    It is necessary that we have the professional fishing rod, which is possible to obtain by improving a standard one, this in an improvement bench and with the materials of stone x100, wood x100 and metal x100, the advantage that we will have with this is access to rare fish and also to those that require this specific rod to be caught, in the Lab battle we will be able to find most of the fish, with greater ease we can get it in this place and avoiding the obstacles that may want to allege this task, by means of a configuration it is possible to make fishing in this place faster, it is necessary that we put the night as our only option, which allows the appearance of many more fish at night, a factor to consider to also catch the vendetta flopper, it is possible that we will also go fishing for weapons, so to avoid this it is good that we configure the loot in high explosives.

    It is clear that knowing how to catch the Vendetta flopper allows us to progress and have more fun in Fortnite.

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