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If you are one of those who wonder where to destroy Fortnite collectors, rest assured, because with this article we cover everything you need to know.

What is the mission of the Fortnite collectors?

This is a mission that you will have to complete during the fourth season, specifically during this fourth week. For this mission your main task will be to destroy twenty collectors and inflict 10,000 damage with the remains of the collectors.

Where to destroy Fortnite collectors?

On where to destroy gatherers, the first thing you have to do is find a Gorger. These can appear in various locations including FN Radio, Holly Hedges, Lazy Lake Island, Retail Row, Salty Springs, and Slurpy Swamps. The key here is to jump off the bus and while you fall look for a ray of red light, surely you will see several and in any of them you can find Gorger.
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    As Gorger builds all twenty gatherers, a weekly player can complete the first drone-based challenge of the fourth week by defeating them and getting 10,000 points of damage for the second challenge. Just make sure you don't hurt yourself and you don't kill Gorger early.

    Keep in mind that getting 10,000 points of damage with the collector's remains will get you 50,000 experience points 25,000 experience points for killing the collectors.

    Keep in mind that after arming yourself with the Collector's Scraps, you won't be able to change weapons or build, which will make things a bit more complicated.

    This is all you need to know about where to destroy Fortnite collectors and now that you know you will surely be able to complete this challenge quickly, so good luck. Do not forget that in a previous article, we told you how to complete all the challenges this week, so we recommend you review it.

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