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Fortnite: How to complete Motorboat Mayhem Time Trial

2020-08-07 12:35:52

The challenges in Fortnite just don't stop and that's why today we are going to tell you how to complete the chaos time trial by speedboat

What is the motorboat chaos time trial at Fortnite?

As you will see, this is a game that has been in charge of keeping us as busy as possible, some challenges may be more complex than others but each one has its charm, in this particular case it is necessary to get a timer to count the travel time and a boat

Saber How to complete the chaos time trial by motorboat simply offers us the possibility of accessing to drive new vehicles, this job is quite easy and this means that it will be necessary to make a journey from Retail Row to reach Pleasant Park.

How to complete the speedboat chaos time trial in Fortnite?

The first thing to start with is to get the location where it is possible to carry out this challenge, because the idea of ​​this is to be able to observe a starting line that is highly visible in the water and lead our lance to said line , this occurs specifically on an island in Misty Meadow and Lazy Leake.

The challenge of completing this time trial is really not very complex, we have a considerable amount of time to carry it out, the objectives are clearly visible and this simply allows us to hit each orb and move on to the next without worrying, what we need is focus on making jumps through the orbs, and the ticking of the stopwatch tells us exactly how much time we have to finish it and the next one, once finished we are presented with the option of having an XP award.

Definitely knowing how to complete the chaos time trial by motorboat easily allows us to unfold in another interesting and comfortable challenge that Fortnite offers us, so do it because it really is easy.

PC, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android
Survival, battle royale, sandbox
Epic Games
Epic Games
Unreal Engine 4
Release date:
July 25, 2017
Co-op, multiplayer
age rating:

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