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The adventure in Pokemon GO just doesn't end and this allows us to talk about how to get a dragon scale

What is the dragon scale in Pokemon GO?

This is nothing more than an evolutionary object that we can get in this game and makes it an item that allows us to have some time, this usually represents a complex achievement that is in extremely rare but necessary finding that can end up turning it upside down to our game.

How to get a dragon scale in Pokémon GO?

These are a kind of rare objects but ideal for achieving some evolutions, since it is important to accompany it with 100 Horsea candies to achieve, for example, the evolution of the Pokémon Saedra, since these objects we managed to make them become Kingdra.
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    The dragon scale is simply something complex to achieve and we can find it in the gyms spinning their luck in Pokestops, this is a fall that we can simply achieve and it serves as an alternative, in addition, getting acquainted with the Pokestops simply part of being participants in the Event of Dragons taking place this week at Pokemon GO.

    This week the celebration event called Dragon Week is present and this is conducive to knowing how to obtain a dragon scale, since this simply involves completing the task of Defeating 3 groups of Team GO rockets, which is important this event has As the deadline is August 7, so it will be necessary to hurry to get it and with it to achieve the evolution of reydra a powerful pocket monster also opens the possibility of getting during this event other interesting objects among which the Metal Coat may be available , the King's Rock, among others.

    In this sense, knowing how to obtain a dragon scale easily allows us to have ample possibilities to develop in Pokemon GO and thereby achieve interesting evolutions.

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