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2020-08-06 10:42:39

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Low tank level at Fortnite?, Don't worry because here we will tell you how to refuel Cars.

What are Fortnite cars?

As you can imagine, this is the new series of vehicles that has been added to the game and that give you a new way of mobilizing around the map more efficiently. A total of four vehicles have been added that allow you to even play music from the radios.

Everything perfect until there, but what if we told you that you will need to put gasoline to your vehicle to be able to make it go? That's right, in order to get your vehicle moving you can refuel your gas tank, leaving you in a vulnerable position while fueling. However, as long as you know how to fuel your cars, you can maintain your vehicles during a game.

How to refuel Cars in Fortnite?

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    The fastest and easiest way to fill the tank of a car is at a service station, on service stations you can find a total of 12 evenly distributed on the battle island. The downside is that most stations are in busy areas, because there is usually always someone waiting for a victim who wants to fill up their car.

    Once you get to a gas station you will have to park next to it and get out to interact with one of the gasoline pumps, pick up the nozzle and press the "Pump" button and direct your eyes towards the car to start charging it.

    While the tank is filling you can get in the car in case you have to leave quickly. However, if it is without enough fuel, you run the risk of being left with the tank empty again in a short time, in this case you can use the gas cans that are scattered throughout the map to refuel your car and reach a station Safer service where you can fill a full tank always staying alert while doing so.

    That's all you need to know about fueling cars in Fortnite, we hope our article has been as helpful to you as possible, and you've successfully understood the process of refuel Cars in the game.

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