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Guide to Learn How to Get Stark Industries Energy Rifle in Fortnite

  The new season of Marvel has kept all fans animated because it acquired the popular Marvel universe as a theme. Incredible, right? Well that's not all, due to this great makeover it has also brought with it a range of new weapons and one of them you will need to complete certain challenges. If we are talking about the Stark Industries energy rifle, and in this guide we will introduce you so that you can be able to handle it in the game and complete the mission.
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    How to get Stark Industries Energy Rifle in Fortnite?

    This new weapon implemented in the game has the following engraved in its description:

    "From Stark Labs comes the new Stark Industries Energy Rifle, a different weapon with a different benefit depending on how you aim."

    Based on what has been seen so far about this weapon, it is the easiest place to find the rifle. You will need to go to these Quinjet patrol landing sites, kill a Stark robot and take the weapon.

    These carry the weapon you are looking for and will drop it when killed. You will see something strange about this weapon (because of its blue color) but you can pick it up normally.

    To find those landing spots, you need to look for blue smoke around the map. Head there and you will find five or more Stark Robots, in addition to the jet. Pull one out, grab his weapon, and immediately begin the challenge.

    There are a few locations around the map where you can find them. The only problem is that the landing sites for Quinjet Patrol change a lot, so you should watch out for plumes of blue smoke when you see them land on the map early in the game.

     Now that you know how to get the Stark Industries energy rifle in Fortnite you will be able to complete the mission once you fulfill the request and what we have explained in this guide. Luck!

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