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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-29 14:56:30

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Knowing how to solve the slow download is vital and that is why today we tell you how to do it in Genshin Impact

What is the slow download in Genshin Impact?

  It is necessary to understand that this game has only recently been released and already has a considerable number of players, which is quite good, in addition to being available on various platforms, which reaffirms our possibility of massive users, but here is where our problem appears, which can be cataloged with the number of users, for our good fortune this has a solution.
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How to fix slow download in Genshin Impact?

 One of the options that we can perform is to pause the download and resume it later, because with this we manage to make the download speed increase, but it is complicated and it is because we are not the only ones who will be doing it so we have to get around with The possibility that this may occur in a gap where users drop per minute, however, is complex.

 On the other hand, it is possible to choose to close the game launcher and reopen it later, because as you will see, the servers will be extremely hit due to the number of users who are trying to download, since they are not only users on PC, it is also on Mobile and on PS4, which makes it somewhat complex.

 It is necessary to understand that this problem tends to arise regularly and to this we must add some factors such as:


  •  The weight of the game is 15 GB and with a download speed that some users report of 1 Mbps it makes it complex.
  • Mobile players have a bit more chance as it can be a bit faster.
  • It is necessary to wait for the speed to increase a little naturally to start the download process, otherwise you will spend an eternity.


 In this sense, knowing how to solve the slow download allows us to have some patience and look for some time where the natural speed can be feasible to start it and thus get Genshin Impact.

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September 28, 2020
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