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Guide to learn how to fish in Genshin Impact

  Fishing is usually one of the most recurrent activities among adventure games, and Genshin Impact is no exception to this. Although to do this you don't have to go out of your way to grab a fishing rod or do something special, and in this guide we will talk about this in detail.
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    How to fish in Genshin Impact?

    When you find a good place to fish you must see how many fish are splashing around a river, and you can run towards them to collect their delicious meat. You can find most fish swimming peacefully in small bodies of water.

    Fish that you can easily acquire and cut with your weapons will be in clearer blue waters. Fish should be relatively slow, which makes them easy targets.

    There are two ways to collect fish. If your character is completely submerged in water, you have to swim alongside them and pick them up as if they were an object on the ground. When you find yourself next to the water, you can use your weapon to attack them, forcing them to drop the meat of the fish, and you can quickly pick them up. Both of these methods are incredibly useful, although using your weapon will likely result in less fish getting away.

    You must be careful that your character does not continue swimming when he loses stamina. When a character loses stamina in the water, they drown, so try to catch a few by swimming close to shore and then swim back with the rest of your energy still available.

     Now that you know how to fish in Genshin Impact you can get food or other materials that will benefit you in the game. Luck!

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