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Fortnite: How to Get Joker Skin

2020-11-19 06:24:46

Guide to learn how to get the Joker Skin in Fortnite

  One of the most striking things about Fortnite is the number of avatars and appearances for which you can choose depending on the current season. This time we will talk about the Joker mask that everyone is talking about lately and this is because it would be joining several of the other licensed DC Comics masks such as Aquaman and Harley Quinn.

Joker is included in a new Fortnite bundle called "The Last Laugh", which also includes a few other items. Poison Ivy and Midas Rex come in the same package and each skin has a unique pickup tool and afterglow. The problem? The Last Laugh bundle has a strange release schedule, so you may have to wait before you can buy it. Here's how to get the Joker mask in Fortnite.
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    How to get the Joker Skin in Fortnite?

    As we mentioned before, in The Last Laugh bundle is the long-awaited Joker mask and it is priced at $ 30.

    The bundle is currently available for sale in stores for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. There is no physical package for the PC and mobile versions of the game, although redeeming a code for the package on one platform will unlock it for your account on all platforms.

    The bundle is not yet available for digital purchase. The package is scheduled to hit the Fortnite Item Shop sometime in December. The reason for the delayed digital version of the pack is unknown, but you can request a physical copy and redeem the download code inside the box if you must have the Joker mask and the other items in this pack if you want to get it sooner.

    The Last Laugh bundle is now physically available, but digital purchases won't be available until December.

     Now that you know how to get the Joker Skin in Fortnite you can acquire the mask with a physical purchase and thus fulfill your wish as a good fan of both Fortnite and the great company of Superheroes DC comics. Luck!

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