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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-18 14:49:03

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Failures are very common in Fortnite, so it is necessary to tell you about How to repair error code LS-0016.

What is error code LS-0016 in Fortnite?

This is just a bug that has arisen recently and is clearly related to the games that usually use Epic Games Store Launcher, or with servers that may be down, as this leads us to consider downloading the update and thus solve this inconvenience, in this sense, knowing How to repair the error code LS-0016 simply offers us the possibility to embark on enjoying a new season of Fortnite that today comes more loaded with content.

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How to fix error code LS-0016 in Fortnite?

Fortunately there are a couple of solutions that we can apply and in this way be able to enjoy this game, since the launcher is sometimes outdated and usually shows us some inconveniences that are not at all pleasant, in this sense, we leave here some options to execute, and they are:

Choose to restart our PC: This is an option that is favorable because with this we achieve that the system can eliminate any inconvenience, once we manage to restart our PC it is necessary:


  •  Relaunch Epic Games Launcher.
  • Proceed to start Fortnite.
  • Check that this failure is resolved.


 Choose to verify the game files: this is another option that could well be applied, since on some occasions these may not be according to the server and for this it is necessary:


  •  Open Epic Games Launcher.
  • Then go to Library.
  • Then we click on the three dots that are next to Fortnite.
  • Then we click on "Verify" and that's it.


 Check the status of the servers: this is an action that is present in Fortnite and for this it is necessary to make use of Downdetctor, because here we have two options present, on the one hand if it is actually a problem of crashed servers it is not possible to do anything Now, if it is not, you will simply have to carry out the necessary updates for the launcher and thus be able to continue playing with all the necessary peace of mind.

 In general terms, knowing how to repair the error code LS-0016 allows us to have the possibility of making use of the options raised and in this way continue working on Fortnite, especially considering the new season that has just begun.

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