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2020-11-13 06:08:30

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Guide to learn how to fish with explosive weapons in Fortnite

  The XP Xtravaganza challenges have taken center stage when we are in the last stages of Season 4 of Fortnite, so players are taking advantage of completing the missions to obtain the highest amount of XP possible. Some of these have several parts, and others are even hidden from view, but if you are looking to go beyond level 100 in your Battle Pass we will help you in this guide with the information we get. Come now!

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How to fish with explosive weapons in Fortnite?

If you have reached the part of the challenge where you will need to use explosive weapons to fish, the best way to complete it is by doing it from a boat. That being said the best place to land near Las Ruinas and find the ship at the north dock. Hop in and start looking for fishing spots. Once you find one, fire a rocket and if your aim is good enough, you will blow it up. The game will take it into account and you will see how your points are added in the game. Great isn't it?

You should still have a good aim as the rockets do not go exactly where the sight is if you are close to the target, so we recommend you stay a little behind the location of the active fish and then shoot it to hit.

  Now that you know how to fish with explosive weapons in Fortnite you can add more points to your accumulated in order to obtain your long-awaited battle pass. Luck!

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