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2020-12-04 06:48:03

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Guide to learn how to find the Zero-point fish in Fortnite

  Finally, Season 5 arrived and therefore that means a new map and new prizes, activities, and appearances to unlock. This time the zero point fish has been introduced to the game.

Where does the name come from? It turns out that it is in honor of the huge Zero Point anomaly in the center of the map and it turns out to be important since eating it will allow you to teleport forward if you double-tap the jump button which could be a huge advantage in your game so that in this guide we will teach you how to get such an advantage. Stay to find out!

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How to find the Zero-point fish in Fortnite?

Zero-point fish can be found anywhere in the game that has an active fishing spot, at any time of the day, and can be caught with a regular or professional fishing rod. It shouldn't take you long since it's not a rare fish to come out one particular time.

But it turns out that in the game there is another way to get your hands on the zero-point fish and this is aimed at those players who love to challenge themselves.

So if you really want to test your skills head over to Weeping Woods and find Bigfoot. He's one of 40 different characters that you can find in the game right now, and we can help you locate them all if you need help. As for the rest of the fish in the game, we can also help you find them if you are looking to complete the collections tab.

Well, if you find Bigfoot in Weeping Woods, he will actually sell them to you for 196 gold. This is a very large price tag but we don't think Bigfoot has much exposure to the economy, as a mythical creature of the forest.

 Now that you know how to find the Zero-point fish in Fortnite you can obtain this ability that can lead you to victory if you use it correctly. Luck!

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