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Guide to learn how to enter the Vault at Doom’s Domain in Fortnite

  In one of the many challenges of Fortnite you may have to face Doctor Doom breaking into his vault looking for a way to access it, so in this Guide we will teach you how to enter it on the first try. Stay to find out more!
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    How to enter vault in Doom domain in Fortnite?

    First of all, you will need to locate the exact place where this vault is located and then try to enter it. This cellar is hidden under the football field, which you can access from above. Something that can complicate your task is finding Doctor Doom, who can appear in the bunker where the vault is, or in his house at the north end of the city.

    While on your way to the bunker, run to the edge of the drop and look down. If Doom is there, he will patrol the area below, but make sure he doesn't see you unless you've looted. You will need weapons, shields and some cures to pair when you finish the task. On the other hand if he is not there, go north of the city and break a wall of his house, then run inside. Doom can normally be found wandering the hallways near the great room at the front of the house on the second floor.

    Be careful when fighting him, he has two powerful Mythics and one of them shoots a huge balloon of green energy that will set everything around you on fire. Aim for the head and lower it as fast as you can, then finish it off and grab the card it drops. Anyway, take the opportunity to grab the mythical ones that are released everywhere.

    Head back to the bunker and dive into it, then head towards the southern end and the vault. There will be two minions to eliminate, and then you can use the keycard on the panel in front of the door. Once you enter, the challenge is complete.

     Now that you know how to enter the Vault at Doom’s Domain in Fortnite you will be able to complete this mission and earn a few benefits if you manage to pass this challenge. Luck!

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