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2020-10-02 07:09:18

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Today we bring you a Fortnite guide where we will explain how to heal as Wolverine.

What to know about healing as Wolverine in Fortnite?

  Related to Wolverine we will have to face 3 challenges, among which is one that asks us to recover being this icon character, certainly the reward that we will earn for it is not so remarkable, but it is a challenge of the game and that we must complete to progress, now To know how to recover as Wolverine the following content will guide us in this regard, let's see.
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How to heal as Wolverine in Fortnite?

 It is necessary to unlock the Wolverine Skin, which we will achieve once we have completed the 6 weekly challenges of this character, the last being having to defeat him, it is the most complicated challenge of all, after we do it we will have access to the skin, which allows us to go through the recovery challenge, we only have to equip the skin and enter a game, where we will get injured and then we heal, taking into account a series of objects that can help us in this task, such like bandages, Chug Splash, Medkits and food that we place on the map.

 Damage from falling can be very useful to complete this challenge, for this it will only be enough to perform jumps from some very high places and on several occasions to cause us a lot of damage, in order to recover the 100 points of life necessary to complete the challenge, the reward to receive is a special banner with a fist with Wolverine claws, thus adding another cosmetic to combine with the other rewards already obtained, we also have the option of using these claws we can obtain the Weapon X emoticon, with deal a total of 200 points of damage with these.

 Finally, now that we know how to heal as Wolverine, go ahead in Fortnite.

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